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How To Breed All Dragonvale Eggs

dragonvale breeding
At the face of it, you have a one dimensional farming game. Can you give me some tips for breeding gift dragon in Dragonvale? Do note that this is not a time-limited dragon, so don't consider this a priority over other, less available dragons. Dragon Vale hacks 2012. So we decided to put out a list of what we have found to work for each Dragon Type. Level 10 Dragon (25 points) - Level a dragon to full maturity. However, I often find a way to look in between the cracks and crannies of the game's objectives to find additional challenges. The breeding time is 31 hours and the hatching time is also 31 hours. Welcome to Dragonvale Breeding Guide Hello and welcome to the ultimate Dragonvale Breeding Guide! How to get a Bone Dragon : This is achieved by breeding a level 10 Earth Dragon with a level 10 Fire Dragon. If she is then you can begin breeding for this dragon. Filled with hearts and the color pink, female players will simply fall in love with the design while male players make it a great present to give to their sweethearts. Parents need to know that Dragonvale is a simulation game that allows players to build a dragon park. Sent them to the breeding cave. But dressing up your islands is just a sideshow to the main act: breeding. Garnet Dragon - Only available during the month of January. Gems are useful for clearing bushes, making nurseries and breeding places in this island. Emerald Dragon - Only available during the month of May. Starting out, you will likely only have the plant variety available, so choose that by tapping on it. While there are other ways to get them, these methods should yield faster results based on the number of hours it takes the other potential dragons you can get by using same combinations. This is one of many smart decisions apparent in the game. You can alternatively use the Fire/Magic Dragon with any other Red/Purple hybrids for a chance to get this dragon also. When you want to feed one of your dragons a treat, simply select them inside the habitat and tap the big green feed button. The all-new Epic Breeding Island. Epic Dragons: Epic Dragons are rare hybrid dragons with very low chances of success. Good Luck breeding! Filled with magical lands, DragonVale gamers and visitors can experience a one-of-a-kind world of social interaction, dozens of dragons and an almost serene soundtrack. I use this all the time. That being said, the best combination for breeding the Cupid Dragon is using the Fire Dragon and the Magic Dragon. When you select two Dragons in Dragonvale and press the breed button. plant and storm - might come out with bloom dragon lichen and lightning - might come out with bloom dragon Getting gems with your dragons and eggs : Babysitting your dragons is a way to earn you some cash that you can in turn use to purchase germs.

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